Rakza –

The winning combination


With the Rakza Line Yasaka´s rubber technicians have developed the optimum geometry (shape) of the pimples in order to achieve the best balance between speed and spin. ”Power Sponge” – is a newly developed sponge with more springiness and elasticity.

8 different Rakza rubbers:

The range consists of 5 different rubbers – all with their own unique playing characteristics:

Rakza Z – for maximum grip

Rakza Z Extra Hard – for maximum grip

Rakza X – for maximum grip and speed

Rakza X Soft – for maximum grip and feeling

Rakza 9 – for maximum speed

Rakza 7 – for maximum spin

Rakza 7 Soft – for maximum feeling

Rakza PO – for superspeed

Rakza – Power Sponge

RAKZA Z is the new addition to the highly successful RAKZA series of YASAKA rubbers. For the first time in the RAKZA series, the top sheet has stickiness by employing a new production method. The result is a surface with exceptional grip, enabling phenomenal spin.

The top sheet is combined with a harder ”Power Sponge”. The result enables you to make strong spin with a very high arc. Serves and short returns are both precise and sharp.

RAKZA Z EXTRA HARD has an even harder sponge which gives more speed.

Rakza – New Surface System

CS2_RAKZA X_front.ol

RAKZA X is the first rubber with NSS (New Surface System), Yasaka’s new production process to improve the grip of the rubber surface. NSS gives a stronger ”touch” when hitting the ball, and the control in both attack and blocking is improved.



Rakza  – Hybrid Energy

A top class table tennis rubber is a high tech product. Of course the quality and characteristics of the outer sheet and the sponge are important for the rubbers performance, but also the conjunction between the two parts is very important for the final result. With the RAKZA series of rubber sheets Yasaka has introduced the HYBRID ENERGY system. The characteristics of the outer sheet and the sponge formula are developed to work in perfect synergy.


RAKZA 7 is using mainly natural gum for the top sheet. This improves the level of grip and the power of spin drastically. The shape/geometry of the pimples are designed to give a good balance between speed and spin.
The topsheet is combined with the newly developed sponge – ”Power Sponge” enabling huge elasticity. Together they work in perfect synergy, producing the ”Hybrid Energy” rubber RAKZA 7.
When the player hits the ball hard, the rubber ”grips” the ball and the stroke can be used to place the ball accurately, both in direction and length. The serve and short returns are very sharp and easy to handle. Thanks to the higher proportion of natural gum the life expectancy of the rubber has increased.