Ma Lin Olympic Champion

Ma Lin has an outstanding table tennis champion record. Ma Lin is the only male player in history who has won the Olympic Gold Medal in singles, doubles and team.

Already as a junior player Ma Lin chose to play Yasaka.

3 x Olympic Champion

During the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008 the Yasaka player Ma Lin captured the gold medal in men’s singles as well as in the men’s team. Ma Lin is the only men player winning Olympic Gold medals in singles, doubles and team.

4 x World Cup winner

MA is also the only player winning the World Cup men’s singles 4 times.

9 x World Champion

Beyond this he has a total of 9  titles in men’s team and doubles in the World Championships.

Reaching the World Top level

MA LIN, has during his International carreer played with a Yasaka blade and Mark V rubber on the backhand side. When MA LIN was a very young player, the top Chinese men players had quite a hard time against the best foreign players, especially the Swedish stars. MA LIN and his coaches studied the games very careful, and decided that MA has to develop a better backhand play than other pen holders, to be able to reach the really World top level.

With the help of MARK V

With the rubber MARK V, fast and powerful but with outstanding balance, MA developed a backhand, not only good in blocking, but extremely dangerous in attacking. Already in 1999 , when MA LIN made his international break through as runner-up in men’s single in the World Championships, his backhand side was a sensation.

In close cooperation with the Yasaka technicians MA also contributed to the development of the EXTRA blade.

Still in a close cooperationThe story of the outstanding table tennis player Ma Lin - the only male player that has won the Olympic Gold in medals in men's singles, men's doubles and mixed

Although Ma Lin finished his career he is still one of the most accomplished players in the world. Today he coaches and continues his close collaboration with Yasaka in the development of new products.





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