Top ranked Mattias Falck

In the World Championships in Budapest 2019 Yasaka player Mattias Falck managed through an outstanding achievement to reach the final in the Men’s singles and become the silver medallist. Mattias can also claim the world title after winning the 2021 Men’s doubles final in Houston, Texas. He can also title himself European Champion in Men’s doubles after the victory in Munich 2022

Golden medal in Men’s Doubles in Munich 2022

Over the years, Mattias Falck together with Kristian Karlsson, Sweden, has shown proof of outstanding cooperation when it comes to doubles. With their different playing styles and the fact that a left-handed player is a perfect combination together with a right-handed player, the pair have won several major titles.

In Aug. 2022 Mattias FALCK and Kristian KARLSSON won gold in the men’s doubles at the European Championships.

A golden medal in the WTTC in Houston 2021

Monday 29 November Mattias Falck and Kristian Karlsson become the first pair from Sweden to win the Men’s Doubles title since 1991. A fantastic achievement during the World Championships in Houston.

In the Quarterfinal they defeated chinese players Fan Zhendong/Wang Chuqin, Kina, 3-2.  In the Semifinal Mattias and Kristian met another Chinese pair – Lin Gaoyuan/Liang Jingkun, Kina, 3-0

After playing and defeating the South Korean pair Lim/Jang 3-1, Mattias Falck and Kristian Karlsson can now claim the world title in doubles.

Silver medal in the WTTC in Houston 2019

No European player has ever beaten an opponent from the People’s Republic of China in a men’s singles final at a world championship. Neither did Mattias succeed in 2019 when he reached the men’s singles final in Budapest. He showed great play throughout the tournament and pushed Ma Long in a tough final.

The WTTC journey in Budapest in short

Mattias qualified for the men’s singles quarter final by beating the Korean player Lee Sangsu, World ranked no. 6. Mattias won the match with 4 – 1 in sets.

In the quarter final Mattias played the French number one, Simon Gauzy. Mattias showed a lot of power and self-confidence and won quite comfortable, 4 – 1 in sets.

With the victory in the quarter final Mattias secured a medal. It is the first Swedish medal in men’s singles since Jan-Ove Waldner took the bronze medal in 1999.

In the semifinal Mattias met the young rising star An Jaehyun of South Korea. After a very hard and thrilling match Mattias finally won, 4-3 in sets. He is now the first Swedish player since 1997 (J-O Waldner) to reach the men’s singles final.

In the final Mattias played against Ma Long, China, the two times World Champion (2015 and 2017). Ma Long took the lead with 2-0 in sets before Mattias could win the third set. In the fourth set Mattias continued to put pressure on Ma Long by leading 9-7. However, Ma Long could come back to win the set 11-9 and then he also won the fifth set and the World Champion title.

Falck Carbon

During several years Mattias played with Yasaka Ma Lin Soft Carbon blade.

However, Mattias asked the Yasaka blade factory for a little bit faster blade, but still with as much ball feel as possible. After testing different carbon materials, combinations and thicknesses of wooden veneers we were on the right way. By using the Japanese Premium Carbon (JPC) and 5 wooden veneers in exact thicknesses we had the perfect construction. The final challenge to get the perfect blade for Mattias was the glueing method. In 2020 Yasaka introduced Falck Carbon.

Facts about Mattias Falck

Mattias Karlsson, born September 7, 1991, began to play table tennis at the age of seven years. His parent club is Lyckeby BTK, situated in Karlskrona in the south of Sweden. Mattias is an offensive player, using pimples out rubber on his forehand and backside rubber on his backhand.

During the summer 2018 Mattias also married with Julia Falck, and he changed his name from Karlsson to Falck.

Mattias is the only Swedish player that has captured 3 gold medals in the Swedish Junior Championships, winning 3 titles in a row 2007 – 2009.

During 2008 Mattias made his international breakthrough, winning 3 World Junior Circuit tournaments, in Hungary, Venezuela and France.

Mattias studied and practised table tennis for a few years in the school and training center in Köping. He has been playing several years in the highest leagues in Sweden and France. From the season 2019 he represents Bremen in the German league.

Already as a young player Mattias started to play with rubber and blade from Yasaka. Since then he has developed and is still playing with Yasaka.

World Championships

Gold in 2021 men’s doubles

Silver in 2019 in men’s singles

Bronze in 2018 in men’s teams

European Championships

Gold in 2022 in men’s doubles

Silver in 2018 in men’s doubles

Silver in 2016 in mixed doubles

Silver in 2012 in men’s doubles

Bronze in 2021 in men’s teams

Bronze in 2020 in men’s singles

Bronze in 2019 in men’s teams

Bronze in 2016 in men’s doubles

Bronze in 2015 in men’s doubles

Mattias is using Yasaka products:
rubbers Rakza PO (fh) and Rakza X (bh) and blade Falck Carbon.

Yasaka table tennis rubber RAKZA X