Silver Line – attractive design and high quality



Silver Line is a new range of table tennis blades from Yasaka Champion factory in Tranås, Sweden.

The fundamental principles with SILVER LINE are to offer a very attractive design in combination with good and reliable playing characteristics.

Yasaka SILVER 9 WOOD – Yasaka’s newly introduced blade is the fastest blade in the Silver Line series. It’s a high tech fast attacking table tennis bladeproduced in the famous table tennis factory in Tranås, Sweden.

The construction of this 9-ply blade is 3 hard centre veneers which are glued together to give a powerful core to the blade. Covering the core there are two harder and thinner red wooden veneers, one on each side of the core. The outer silver/red veneers are hard thanks to a specialised process employing high pressure. The second veneer used is a thin medium soft veneer. Thanks to the selection of veneers and the 8 layers of glue the Silver Line 9 WOOD has a large sweet spot and is suitable for hard attacking players.

Weight: around 90 grams

Yasaka SILVER ALL WOOD is a high tech allround blade with a unique and attractive design. The outer veneer of ALL WOOD is very hard thanks to a specialprocess with employing high pressure. The hard outer veneers increase the size of the sweet spot (hitting area with maximum control). The middle veneer (the core) is a carefully selected medium density wood, slightly thicker than for traditional allround blades. It gives a really good ball feel, and together with the hard outer veneers also enough power for attacking play.

In order to further distinguish this product from other allround blades, we have developed the design to match the high tech image.
Weight: around 87 grams


Only the best in technology and materials.

Many carbon blades are very fast, and sometimes difficult to handle. In the new Yasaka SILVER CARBON we use 2 thin carbon layers and glue them to the wooden veneers with a gluing method developed to keep the control characteristics. The hard outer veneers in combination with the carbon layers make the size of the sweet spot (hitting area with maximum control) very large. With the SILVER CARBON technical players have a weapon useful for both own attacking play and fast, controlled, counter blockings.

The SILVER CARBON is the blade for those who want only the best in technology and materials.
Weight: around 90 grams