Interview with Hampus Nordberg

Interview with Hampus Nordberg

How do you and your team Angers perform in the French Pro A?

My Team is performing really well. We were leading Pro A before the Christmas break, and we are in second place at the moment. We had a difficult start to the season, but we managed to come back to the top of the table. I had a tough start as well, but now my score is 6-3 which I’m happy with. Especially with my last two games after the Christmas break, I was really happy.

How do you prepare for your matches?

It is a long process. I am very accurate in my preparation for analyzing my opponents, make up my match plans, and I try to adapt my training to the following game. Simply I try to be as professional as possible.

Recently you became a father, how does it affect you?

It doesn’t affect my table tennis career, but he gave us much joy in our life. Sometimes the nights can be difficult, although he is a really calm baby. I´m looking forward to hearing his voice cheering for me in the future!

What kind of material do you use?

I use Yasaka Max Wood blade and Rakza X max. rubbers, I’m very happy with my racket. Max Wood is an all-wood blade which gives me confidence in my strokes. Rakza X has the perfect hardness for me, it fits my open game and hard forehand topspin.

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